local-seo-targettingThe World Wide Web is a wonderful thing…

Anyone can setup a website and sell goods worldwide, awesome!

In reality the chances of that actually being a successful business plan are quite slim.

Practicalities like shipping, delays and dealing with customer support 24/7 for clients in different time zones makes this difficult.

Although it is possible to get round these issues, when you take a step back and look at your business, where your client base is and how you operate it, you will see that the majority will be locally based to you.

So instead of trying to be the worldwide supplier of a service, concentrate on your local area, you will find that the seo, keywords and positions will be easier to achieve, you can deal with the work coming in reliably and efficiently and it will help build up local support, word of mouth and your client base.

Targetting local SEO is something we have always done, we can help you achieve great results in your local area with the search engine optimisation on your website.

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Providing programming, web design and consultancy on websites in Essex and Hertfordshire since early 2000. Neil is a keen motorcycle racing fan, ex commercial radio presenter (96.6 Oasis FM, 96.6 Mercury FM, Ten17, 107.9 The Eagle) and lover of good live music.


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