Since the announcement by Google of their mobile friendly tests and prioritising for mobile search results our phone and email has been ringing with clients new and old wanting their sites converted to be mobile friendly.

Some sites were years old, others not targetted at mobile users when first built, so we had to content with a lot of issues, a couple of sites we just recoded completely others we were able to work through the pages and amend as we went ensuring all were mobile friendly.

So were going to call April 2016 Mobile Friendly Month

Mainly because we spent the entire month doing nothing but mobile conversions it seems, but also because it is the month when those who always said they were not worried about mobile users as their site wasnt targetted to them got a bit of a wake up call and are now seeing increased visitor numbers!

Making a site mobile friendly (also tablet friendly) is not a massive job (unless your site was built with tables – yes we had one contact us, we recoded to flowing css layouts), the rewards can be beneficial, we have many clients where 30-40% of their traffic is from mobile users, so it makes sense to provide a layout for them that works or they will click away.

If you would like us to look at the costs to convert your website into a mobile responsive site then please get in touch.

Providing programming, web design and consultancy on websites in Essex and Hertfordshire since early 2000. Neil is a keen motorcycle racing fan, ex commercial radio presenter (96.6 Oasis FM, 96.6 Mercury FM, Ten17, 107.9 The Eagle) and lover of good live music.


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